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Supporting those who need dedicated help

What if there was more that you could do to care for your family? Another way of watching over someone who needs dedicated help


Live Better recreates the expertise of human insight and awareness – transforming how we care.

Our intuitive technology makes a meaningful difference by raising the level of daily care quality and giving people greater protection and independence.

70% of adults 65 or older will likely need some form of long-term care during their lives.


Proactive solutions for modern healthcare needs

Our innovative solutions aim to make these years as fulfilling as possible.

At Live Better we’re not just changing care; we’re transforming it. Whether it’s in a professional care home, through domiciliary care or within the comfort of one’s own home.

Live Better combines the accuracy of modern technology with the empathy of human insight, reshaping how care is delivered. Our range of digital healthcare products elevates the standard of daily care, providing enhanced protection and enabling greater independence.

We believe that by connecting individuals directly to their carer and creating awareness of immediate issues, we make a meaningful difference to the quality of life that allows people to live better.

Why chose Live Better?

Enhance safety and wellbeing – From fall detection to advanced monitoring, our technologies provide caregivers and families the peace of mind that their loved ones are safe and cared for with the utmost attention.

Innovative impact – Driven by innovation, our technologies are essential tools for caregivers and families, providing critical insights and alerts that prevent emergencies and facilitate proactive care.

Promote independence and ensure privacy – We believe in enhancing the quality of life by maintaining independence for as long as possible.  Our devices and systems provide the necessary tools to ensure safety without compromising personal freedom and privacy.

Join us at Live Better as we pave the way to a future where technology and care come together to offer more than just support—they empower a better way of life.

Discover how our solutions can transform your approach to caregiving today.

Behavioural Analysis / Thelma

Promoting independent living with smart technology

We all want to be there at the right time and in the right place to help those who need us.

Thelma makes this possible.

Thelma utilises sensor based technology to identify, manage and predict unusual behaviour and agitation to help those who are frail, prone to falls, have conditions such as dementia or autism to maintain their own independence

Thelma non-intrusively monitors people, making sure they are safe and more importantly their behaviour is normal for them.  Thelma connects individuals to their family or carer with information that can make a meaningful difference with life changing and at times life saving impact.

Thelma is accurate, empowering and importantly allows those we love to live independently and safely.


Empowers carers

with real time information about the behavioural status of individuals.

Non-intrusive monitoring

Enhances individual care and gives reassurance that support is available when needed.

Promotes independent living

Carers can remotely monitor personalised alerts either on a mobile, tablet or laptop or in conjunction with 3rd party monitoring platforms.

Lowers operational costs of caring for individuals

Reduces the frequency, severity and duration of agitated episodes.

Improves individual safety

Carers can react more quickly to safety concerns.

Improves individual health and wellbeing

Helps identify concerning behaviours that otherwise would not be known.


Behavioural detection

Identifies, manages, and predicts agitation, including those with dementia, autism and Alzheimer’s wandering.

Fall detection

Detects abrupt changes to body movements including a sudden fall.

Intuitive monitoring

Provides real time data to accurately and promptly assess individual health status.

Monitor repetitive behaviour

Including walking up and down, walking in circles, rocking backwards and forwards and punding.

Behavioural triggers

Within the local environment e.g. audio levels, temperatures, proximity to others and frequency to toilet.

Machine learning tool

Extracts information from data sets to determine patterns and trends that can predict future agitation episodes.

Alarm generation

Provides alerts enabling carers to identify agitated individuals that need immediate intervention or to warn of potential aggressive behaviour.

Sedentary behaviour monitoring

Including sitting on standing for long periods and analysis on sleep patterns.

Life signs monitoring

Including heart rate and breathing rate within a room.

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